What is it?

Health and Nutrition is a specialized service provided by me to help you reach your nutrition goals, learn how to eat healthy, know what to eat and make the best choices you can to provide your body with the best nutrients and understand why this is so important for your health.

Who is it for?

Anyone! From the non-gym goer, to sports people, to expecting mothers and kids! Anyone who wishes to change their life for the better and wants to know how to get the best out of the foods they eat!

If you are :

- Tired of trying all sort of diets which will make you ultimately put on more weight than you first started(and let's be honest, they are not the healthy option either!), and getting you nowhere.

- Training for a specific sport or event and you want to find out how food can improve your performance.

- Expecting mothers who want to feel good, not only for themselves but also for their baby.

- If you have kids and you want to know what is best for them and educate them on what to eat to avoid problems later on in life.

Whatever your goal, you will be surprised how little it takes to change bad behaviors into good ones and have the energy, body and the "feel good" feeling you've always wanted!

Will I have to diet?

The word "diet"is one I never really like to use because most people tend to associate it with starving, eating little (and definitely not enough) and saying "no" to all the things they like. I am not saying you can eat high fat, sugary foods whenever you want but I am talking about not depriving yourself from carbs and fats that our bodies do need to function perfectly every day.

I love food too much, not sure I can do it.

That's where you have been going wrong! I don't want you to starve, feel hungry or not enjoy life! It is a sacrifice but isn't looking yourself in the mirror and liking what you see, a sacrifice you're willing to make for the first couple of months? That's right, it's not a typo...the hardest part of changing the way you eat, think about food and knowing what to eat will only take a couple of months...After that, it will become easier, your body will start changing, your energy levels will go up, you will feel better and happier. Is that really something you're not prepapred to give 100% to?

Will the plan be tailored to me?

Absolutely yes! I do not make one plan for all - plans will depend on age, weight, height, fitness levels and lifestyle! No one plan will be the same, whatever your reasons!

What's the first step?

Contact me here or via my Facebook page to discuss your goals and we can take it from there. The first consultation will be free of charge! For fees and prices, please click here.

For location, please click here.